Based on several years of experience in international communication within the sports sector, in 2020 IMPROVECONNECT gave life to a new reality entirely dedicated to the world of businesses and, in particular, to the Digital Business.

From the most innovative MarTech (Marketing Technology) solutions to the structuring of effective digital campaigns, our team provides the client with a range of high-level digital skills, including specific coaching, by providing every entrepreneur with the necessary tools to become self-sufficient and operate worldwide.


Effective communication arises first and foremost from the definition of effective strategies and the knowledge of the tools that we choose to use. Digital communication also requires specific skills to communicate a brand, a product, or a service, both locally and internationally. Digital PR has always been IMPROVECONNECT's field of work, and for this reason, we now offer our professionals to accompany you in personalized DIGITAL COACHING with the latest developments introduced by new social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, each with its own algorithms and different usage logics. Therefore, we propose an in-depth study of all the latest trends among Social Networks, new platforms, and secrets to optimize growth hacking processes and relationships with your fan base - known as followers. Personalized one-to-one coaching is available online or in-house.


IMPROVE BUSINESS is expanding its operations in the Philippines, where it can support medium and large companies in entering the Asian market by exploiting the enormous potential of e-commerce and by assisting them in identifying appropriate solutions for local distribution and investments. For these ambitious projects, IMPROVE BUSINESS provides a range of personalized services that accompany the client at every stage of the project, with particular attention to setting up a Marketing Strategy specific to the Asian market, starting from a deep understanding of the local socio-economic culture and consumption trends of the Asian population.

Global Marketing Strategy
Events & Networking
Logistic Advisor
Legal Advisor



The Philippines is the Southeast Asian country with the most solid and longstanding diplomatic and economic relationship with the USA (since 1946), while governing with full autonomy in a strong political context guaranteed by a democratic constitutional presidential republic.

Even after the pandemic crisis, the Philippines has shown the ability to quickly recover on the economic front, with a GDP growth of over 15% compared to 2020, representing a valid gateway for "Made in Italy" towards the ASEAN countries.



IMPROVE BUSINESS has a deep knowledge of the Philippines and Southeast Asia, built through virtuous commercial collaborations with important business entities in the region, as well as in the sports world and with major media broadcasters. IMPROVE BUSINESS is also a Premium Member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines - ICCPI, an entity recognized by the government institutions of both countries, as well as prestigious MADE IN ITALY brands.

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